Sunday, April 14, 2013

Arcade Machine Madness - Part 4

The Long Road to Completion

It's all functional so that's pretty cool.  But I still have quite a bit of cosmetic work to do on the cabinet and in the Mala frontend.  There was a gaping hole between the control panel and the front part of the cab and I really didn't just want to slap another piece of wood on there to cover it up, so I found some ornate vent covers for cheap down at my local hardware store.  I cut it to fit, screwed it in and I'm really pleased with the results.

I intend to put a blue LED strip behind it to add a funky glow.  But for now, I've mainly been working on going through all of the games again, weeding out the ones that just don't work well, and building screenshots and control graphics for each game.  I don't think I fully understood how much work this would be, but I'm already up to the L's with the screenshots, so I guess there's no turning back now.

I also want to put some fake coin slots in the front of the cab.  When we disassembled it, I think we might have accidentally thrown away the originals.  Stupid, I know.  But I figured it would be easy to locate replacements online.  Turns out it's harder than I thought.  I've contacted a couple of different online vendors, but they've been less than helpful.  I'll keep searching, but for now, it looks like this.

I also had to replace the PC I was using with an old laptop I had laying around.  The original PC was starting to make a high-pitched whine that was really annoying.  Swapping it out for the laptop wasn't too bad.  I had to re-size my graphics to play nice with the odd aspect ratio of the laptop.  On the plus side, the games actually run a lot better so overall it was a win.  I hope to start reviewing these old games on my blog soon.

Done Machine is Done

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