Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hero Worship - Tower Defense

With villagers running around properly and monsters happily eating them, it was time to get some kind of defensing structure working.  The answer of course was that tried and true RTS mainstay, the tower.  Really nothing fancy here.  It's a building that requires resources to construct.  It has a range and a fire rate.  Once an enemy comes into range, the tower "locks on" to it and will fire exclusively at that enemy until it's either destroyed and it moves out of range.

The bullets generated by the tower move towards the x/y coordinates passed by the tower.  They do damage on contact so depending on the speed of the bullets and/or the enemy, you can make the towers more or less accurate.

That's one way to do it.  You could also have the tower insta-hit any enemy that's been locked on so you wouldn't even need to bother with collision detection at all.  Or you could base your hit on a percent chance modified by things that "accuracy", "distance", or "armor".  All pretty easy to implement, but I wanted to see the bullets fly and it's kind of neat to see them miss every once in a while.  Just remember to kill the bullets if they don't hit anything.

curDist = distance_to_point(originX, originY);

if(curDist > 150)

The biggest takeaway from getting the towers in and working was not just how easy it was.  It was how simple it was to slip it into the existing game.  I have building selection and placement set up so once I have all the sprites and objects build, I just add the new one to my "buildings array" and it just works (with minor tweaking).

Right now my buttons appear just above my town center in a straight line.  I'd like them to appear in a circle.  I'm sure there's some simple math here but I haven't stumbled upon an answer in my journeys.  It's super low priority as I think the whole selection process will be changing when I move to controller input.

With the basics in place, it's time to make it work more like a game...

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